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The Importance Texts for Customer Growth

While pictures, videos, and graphics add a dynamic aesthetic to your webpage, text descriptions are still king for Google rankings. Simply put, no picture or product should be displayed without at least a sentence of descriptive text. Remember – you are catering to both your customers and Google’s “web ranking” software! Read below to see how full text descriptions boost your sales!

Focus on Textual Descriptions for Search Engine Optimization

Business owners agree there is an element of excitement in designing a brand-new Shopify site!  They can pour their passions into the web page’s presentation, and digital advances have made it as simple as “cut & paste” to add all kinds of dynamic elements to the site: pictures, slideshows, videos, and interesting graphics that “pop” off the screen. 

Be aware that, without a couple lines of descriptive text, audio-visual elements go completely unnoticed by search engines like Google.  They won’t “pick up” what your store is putting down!!

We’ve mentioned in a previous blog on SEO (link here) that Google’s “web crawling” software, vital for a website’s ranking, does not do a very good job analyzing the “purpose and place” of pictures and videos.  Every time you leave you, say, a picture of your product, without a meaningful textual description, it will be missed by Google’s ranking software, and your website’s visibility will suffer.

Breaking Down Where & When to Add Text on Your Site

To keep it simple, Ad360 wants to provide a 360° view on the most important places to add text for boosting sales.  That way, business owners can quickly spot where they need to add full text descriptors to make their site more Google-friendly.  We know that can sound silly, but strategically placing text descriptions gives you the best chance to be on the coveted “first page” of Google search results.

i.                    Meta text

You know those little “preview” descriptions that pop up when you search something up on Google?  That is meta-text, a tagged part of your webpage that Google recognizes as providing a good “glimpse” of what your web page offers users.  

ii.                  Webpage Titles

It may seem redundant while you type them out, but every web page users click through should have clear titles and subtitles.  Even if it looks a bit silly to you, users who have never browsed the site – and Google’s “web crawling” software – will greatly appreciate the clarity!

iii.                Product Descriptions

We at Ad360 are always a little shocked how many visually-stunning sites we come across… that totally blow off product tags and product descriptions.  We would highly recommend having at least one sentence – like a caption – for every product preview, and then full descriptive text when the user clicks through to view the product in closer detail.  

For example, if selling a gold bracelet, the caption with the product picture could read, “24 carat gold bracelet, sourced from ethical vendors and made with adjustable links for all wrist sizes.”  When the user clicks through to view the product, give them a novel!  It is best to break the text up into tabs, but those full text descriptions to accompany your pictures and products will boost GEO rankings and grow sales far more efficiently.

iv.                     Branding Descriptors

Marketing research makes clear that, with the seemingly endless commerce options available to online customers, it pays to include descriptive text that “fills in the human picture” of who you are as a business, what you stand for, and the values you hold dear.  As an example, having a strong “About Me” text page correlates to increased sales, as does stating how your store supports its core values.  Are you an animal lover?  Have a page where customers can make a donation to your chosen charity.  Text elements that give a fuller picture of your brand’s core values go a long way in customers positively identifying with you!

V.                     Reviews

Make a page that lists your favorite reviews!  It adds more dynamic text to your site and provides a sense of “social validation” that new customers, who, after reading a few positive reviews, feel they are making a good decision 

It’s Ok Ramble – Lean Toward More Textual Description, Not Less

Here is the main takeaway: any picture, video, link,  or product should come with full descriptive text, so both customers and google crawling software can make sense of your website!  Always lean toward “more full description,” not less.  If it starts to feel a bit redundant or like you’re rambling, that’s ok!  Google’s “web crawling” software will reward you with a higher ranking and more traffic to your online store.  You can edit down the parts that confuse customers, but remember – you are structuring your site for optimized web success! If you feel unsure about your current text descriptions or feel like professional guidance may give your online store a lift, reach out and try a free demo from Ad360 today We provide a free 30 minute consultation that can evaluate your current text descriptions, pointing out where improvements can be made for optimal sales success 😊