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You Need to Advertise Beyond Google

Ever feel your paid Shopify ads get drowned out by the competition on sites like Google and Facebook?  Advertising on millions of independent websites and mobile apps is the solution to increasing sales on Shopify!  Read below to learn how easy it is to get started.

Why Shopify Paid Advertising is So Costly on Big Platforms

A big issue for small businesses advertising on Google is being overshadowed by the volume of competition.  The space is oversaturated with ads, and you become a “small fish in a big pond.” 

However, you can reverse the roles by advertising on millions of independent sites and mobile apps!  Using a few Shopify advertising tools and apps, businesses can broaden their reach beyond traditional platforms that are glutted with ads.  Instead of being one of millions of businesses promoting on Facebook, you can become one of the few savvy enough to reach potential customers on the mobile games they play or sites unplugged from Google’s network. 

How to Advertise with Shopify Beyond Google and Facebook

There are millions of these sites, and so when you broaden your reach to these corners  of the web, advertising through Shopify becomes a much more lucrative prospect.  You are not competing your user attention of web space as intensely as on Google ads.  There is room for businesses to grow organically and implement Shopify product advertising in places they are more likely to stand out. 

As an example, imagine you are a clothing or cosmetics company, and you begin sending ads to your target demo on games like “Bejeweled” or their favorite news app.  Not only will it be a cheaper webspace to advertise your Shopify store, but the user will get used to seeing your ads there!  After a few times, they associate your store within the context of their favorite mobile app, so they give your products a try.  After that, you are on your way to increasing sales on Shopify 😊

Ad360 is the Perfect Shopify Advertising Tool

If you keep using the same Shopify advertising strategy on Google, and are not seeing any growth, it could be time to advertise beyond highly competitive/traditional platforms.  Reaching millions of independent sites and mobile ads is much easier than you think – especially with the help of Ad360.  Try a free demo today to see how we can help your Shopify product advertising reach every corner of the web 😉

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