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Email Marketing: Powerful Lead Generation

Introduction: A 3 Part Series on Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing is a key strategy for lead generation in e-commerce.  Without it, you’re basically a dinosaur after the meteor hit: toast.  This post is the first in a three-part series that covers how to formulate lead generation ideas, find helpful tools for lead generation, and apply persuasion techniques to make your email marketing proposals become a core component of your digital marketing strategy!

Why Email Marketing Proposals are Important

Email marketing lead generation complements the web’s most powerful advertising tool: retargeting.  Remember that potential customers need multiple “touches” with your sponsored content.  After running a Facebook marketing campaign or creating ads on Facebook, you need to know how to email for follow up. 

Ad retargeting on Facebook marketing can capture the user’s email, and now, you have a valuable point of access: their virtual inbox!  Email marketing proposals are up to 40 times more effective than social media outreach.  Yep.  For every one lead generation email, you match the value of 40 Facebook marketing ads.  If you operate on an ecommerce platform like Shopify, it is essential you begin building in email marketing database for sales success.

Target Acquired?  Hit ‘Em with Email Marketing Proposals

After capturing customer email data with, say, your Facebook marketing campaign, make sure to include a giant “big red button” that functions as your “CALL TO ACTION!”  If the user already clicked into your email marketing proposal, you need to make it as easy as “one click” to spur their interest.  The design and compelling writing copy text around it are up for debate for A/B testing, but sometimes it helps to literally make it a BIG RED BUTTON that say “CLICK HERE TO BUY NOW!”  It can be that simple of a strategy for lead generation, leading to a conversion rate over 40 times regular social media posts.

What About Email Marketing Subject Lines?  Design?  Persuasion Techniques?

The topics of proper email marketing proposal design and writing copy persuasion techniques are a bit dense, but there are ways to break down the process into digestible bits!

Parts 2 and 3 will cover “how to build an effective lead generation email,” along with “what lead generation strategies best convert sales for your Shopify store.”  After reading all these parts in this series, you will feel much more confident and capable of creating a compelling email marketing template.

Conclusion: No Need to Hire Email Marketing Agencies

Most automated lead generation email marketing services are remarkably impersonal and provide all the software with none of the professional expertise.  Ad360 can help generate automated marketing emails to jumpstart your sales persuasion techniques and writing copy – but we are also here for 24/7 human support!  You can get feedback from digital marketing experts about how your email marketing proposal is shaping up 😊  Try our free demo to test the waters at Ad360 today!