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The Impact of Shopify’s Stock Split

Shopify’s Recent 10:1 Stock Split

As a storeowners trying to increase your sales on Shopify, you may have noticed that Shopify itself has been in the news lately! 

While still up over 900% since its launch in 2018 – which is amazing – there was a recent slump in Shopify’s stock price.  To address the issue and set up the company for future success, Shopify announced a 10:1 stock split. 

What does this mean?  It doesn’t affect anything other than the volume of shares.  For example, if you owned 100 stocks of Shopify worth $10 each, there are now 1,000 shares – but each one is now worth $1! 

Since you are focused on boosting your own Shopify sales and not much else, it may help to answer the question – “Should I be worried about the recent news of Shopify’s stock?”

Quick answer – no!  Shopify is poised to reap the benefits of the e-commerce industry’s growth the next several years, meaning the over 2 million users can ride the wave of their success 😊  Read below for more info on Shopify’s future prospects!

Shopify is Partnered with the Major Tech Platforms

While other e-commerce sites are out there, Shopify is one of the strongest platforms due to its partnerships with tech companies like Meta, Tik Tok, Alphabet, and JD.

When trying to figure out how to increase Shopify sales for your own store, know that Shopify itself is doing the same!  Having full integration with the most widely-used tech platforms means that a temporary slump in stock price – or the news of a 10:1 stock split – will not impact its users in any significant way.

You can rest easy that Shopify itself is trying to figure out how to generate more sales on Shopify for you!  While on a different scale, leveraging major partnerships with social media companies like Tik Tok mean that the future looks bright for Shopify and its millions of merchants.

A Temporary Slump Won’t Stop E-Commerce Growth

Some folks worry that, coming out of the pandemic, e-commerce stores may take a hit as customers flock back to brick-and-mortar stores.  On the whole, as you look for how to increase Shopify sales on your own store, remember this fact for motivation:

There is no stopping the e-commerce juggernaut.  E-commerce is poised to surge from $5.5 trillion in 2022 to $7.4 trillion by 2025.

Of all the major e-commerce platforms, Shopify is arguably in the best position to reap the rewards of online retail growth.  So, while you figure out how to generate more sales on Shopify, keep an eye out for more tools added to the Shopify brand!  There major be some digital marketing innovations on the horizon that better democratize the e-commerce space, meaning even the most tech-averse storeowners may find success online 😊

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 We hope you are convinced and feel secure with your decision to open a store on Shopify’s e-commerce platform.  There is no reason for merchants to be worried about the recent news in the stock price and stock split.

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