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Google Core Update: Video Content Wins

Video Clips: The Key to Increasing Online Sales

The biggest beneficiary from Google’s May 2022 Core Update appears to be any blog content with video attached to it. 

When examining the marketing trends on social media platforms like Tik Tok, Instagram Reels, and Youtube Shorts, this makes perfect sense: people love the quick rapid-fire format of watching little video “shorts.” 

It provides digestible amounts of information in a bite-sized format, and it complements online content beautifully by enriching the aural-visual dynamic of your website.


A Simple Strategy to Deploy Video Content

Integrating video clips into your regular content is not as difficult as it sounds!  Like we’ve made clear, the clips can literally be as short as 15 seconds to 2 minutes.  The clips do not need to be movie-length features. 

Instead, aim to regularly write blog posts of 200+ words, and simply attach a video summarizing or adding to the thoughts your briefly outline in your post. Make this content marketing strategy part of your daily routine.

The key here is consistency – don’t mind if your videos don’t “go viral” right away.  The goal is to build a library of short-form videos, so when a post finally does gain traction online, customers can appreciate the conscientious of your content!

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How to Hire Influencers for Shopify stores

If you are not browsing social media platforms daily, hiring an influencer to promote your e-commerce business seems like an abstract idea.  This post lays out how out to hire influencers to increase your sales on Shopify!

Think of Influencers as Freelance Advertisers

It’s a lot easier hire influencers for Shopify product advertising than you think:

1. Type in hashtags to major social media platforms (e.g. – Instagram, Tik Tok, Snapchat, YouTube) related to your business. 

2. Treat hashtags like keywords. 

If you are selling car accessories, for example, try #cars, #carlifestyle, #carsofinsagram, #auto.  Check the hashtag finder here to get a good start! Click on influencer posts that appear to resonate with your business.

3. Click through to their personal social media profile

4. Use given business email or dm them with a clear, direct subject line

It could be as simple as “I want to hire you for an Ad campaign!”  Remember – social media influencers receive their income from these promotions, so they love receiving these business inquiries.

5. Set up payment agreement

Talk with the individual first to ensure they are an influencer in the space.  Review their engagement levels by scrolling through their last 20-25 posts (e.g. – comments and likes on each post), and establish clear guidelines to the number of sponsored posts you want!

Why Influencer Marketing is a Good Advertising Strategy for Shopify

Overall, hiring influencers is a great Shopify advertising tool.  It fits into broader advertising strategies for Shopify by amplifying your brand through an individual that has built up trust and credibility with their audience.  You can piggyback off that built-in credibility to reach customers on a more personal and intimate channel – especially compared to Shopify product ads on Google.

Conclusion: Assess the Success of Influencer ads with Ad360

After hiring influencers to spread the word” about your brand, you’ll want software to retarget any customers that visit your store.  That way, you can continue to promote your Shopify products to interested customers across the web.  Ad360 is an affordable Shopify advertising tool that can help you track exactly where customers clicked through to your site, so you can analyze which influencers are doing the best job driving traffic to your storeTry out our app for free today to make the most of all your Shopify paid advertising!