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Google Core Update: Video Content Wins

Video Clips: The Key to Increasing Online Sales

The biggest beneficiary from Google’s May 2022 Core Update appears to be any blog content with video attached to it. 

When examining the marketing trends on social media platforms like Tik Tok, Instagram Reels, and Youtube Shorts, this makes perfect sense: people love the quick rapid-fire format of watching little video “shorts.” 

It provides digestible amounts of information in a bite-sized format, and it complements online content beautifully by enriching the aural-visual dynamic of your website.


A Simple Strategy to Deploy Video Content

Integrating video clips into your regular content is not as difficult as it sounds!  Like we’ve made clear, the clips can literally be as short as 15 seconds to 2 minutes.  The clips do not need to be movie-length features. 

Instead, aim to regularly write blog posts of 200+ words, and simply attach a video summarizing or adding to the thoughts your briefly outline in your post. Make this content marketing strategy part of your daily routine.

The key here is consistency – don’t mind if your videos don’t “go viral” right away.  The goal is to build a library of short-form videos, so when a post finally does gain traction online, customers can appreciate the conscientious of your content!

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What is WooCommerce? Learn the Basics

Customizable Shop and Free Plugins

WooCommerce is well-known for being an affordable option because the website does not come “pre-packaged.”  Instead, users can add a variety of plugins to their store, providing a virtually unlimited number of combinations.  When looking to increase ecommerce sales, WooCommerce offers a chance to lower your overhead – and simultaneously create a one-of-a-kind store design.

Furthermore the code that underlays your WooCommerce store is open source!  This means that, if in the future you decide to set up your e-commerce store somewhere else, you can take the code with you.  If you spent hours configuring your stores code (or paid someone to do it for you), that time and money does not go to waste if you move on from Woo! 

Content Management Handled Through WordPress

It’s also important to know that WooCommerce is integrated with WordPress – the world’s largest content management site.  When trying to increase e-commerce sales, consistent quality content is one of the key pillars of success.  Many storeowners appreciate the full integration WooCommerce into WordPress. It provides a central location for your entire Content Management System.  You can run email correspondence, social media links, and your e-commerce business all from WooCommerce. 

If you want help understanding WooCommerce plugins or how to better customize your store, download the Ad360 app today or try our free demo!  We’ll provide a free site audit and our expertise on how you can increase your e-commerce sales today 😊 We look forward to meeting you and making your store the next e-commerce success!

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3 Easy Ways to Enhance Your Shopify Ad Banners

State the Product’s Appeal in Simple Terms

When it comes to advertising your Shopify store online, remember most users are scrolling or browsing through hundreds of results!  Save your long-form descriptions for your website.  On the ad banner displays, distill the product’s benefit or appeal to users into 5 words of less.  This is a key advertising strategy for Shopify.

As an example, if you sell organic beauty products, you may write, “NON-TOXIC, 100% NATURAL INGREDIENTS,” on the banner.  Then, if the user is interested, you can give them a quality description of what you mean when they click the adShort and sweet is the name of the game when it comes to Shopify product advertising.  It will also benefit mobile versions of your ads to keep the product appeal concise.

Straightforward Tagline for Shopify Product Advertising

On your “Call to Action” button, combine your concise product appeal with a tagline that is unique to your store – but also straightforward. 

It could be stating a limited-time offer, such as, “Get 50% off Now,” or “Get your Special Deal.” 

It could also speak directly to the desire of the user.  Using the beauty products example above, the CTA button could use any of the examples below:

  1.  “Enhance your Beauty”
  2. “Make your Skin Amazing”
  3. “Keep Yourself Beautiful”
  4. “Celebrate Natural Beauty”

Each one of these taglines touch on the desire of a potential customer wanting to look a little prettier in the mirror while using natural ingredients 😉  It gets right to the core purpose of cosmetic products – celebrating their beauty in the best light!

Run 2 Ad Campaigns Testing Different Ad Banners

With a little guidance, running different color combinations, taglines, and product descriptions can become a fun exercise, honing your advertising strategies for Shopify.

Check the 3 variations that Forbes magazine created while analyzing Delta’s online ads:


Notice the different product appeals!  One emphasizes extra legroom, the other the number of destinations, while the third highlights luxury options for first-class.  As you discover the different segments and niches of your own audience, consider what benefits they are looking for from your product.  Then, distill it down into a few simple words, and let those ads roll! 

A/B testing is one of the most crucial advertising strategies for Shopify, so embrace creating several ad versions that highlight different product benefits.  Additionally, you can see which images and color schemes are the best choice for your brand.  Just remember, don’t change too many elements at once!  Otherwise, you won’t be able to tell what change accounted for the improved audience response.

Ad360 Can Automatically Generate Ad Banners for Shopify

If you want a Shopify advertising tool that auto-generates multiple ad banners for you to choose from, try a free demo from Ad360 today!  We’ll make sure your advertising strategies for Shopify are polished to catch the user’s eye.  A good ad banner is a difference-maker when it comes to increasing sales on Shopify, so reach out today!

Try for yourself the Ad360 App for Shopify with a 14-day Free Trial!

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The Power of a Central Ad Dashboard

Runnings Ads Across Every Online Platform is Too Complex

There are pros and cons to leveraging multiple online platforms for your ad campaigns.

Web services like Meta (Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp), Google, Tik Tok, Twitter, and Reddit, reach wide audiences – but each platform’s presentation varies in significant ways.  On paper, running ad campaigns across all search engines and social media platforms may seem the best way to boost your brand visibility and increase sales on Shopify!

… It also sounds super complicated.  Imagine having to log into each separate ad interface, and learn the idiosyncrasies of all the different sites.  Even more, you need to find a way to effectively compare each ad channel while analyzing your digital marketing strategy.  Just the thought of lining up sales metrics from these separate ad channels gives us a headache!

That is why Ad360 is here to provide a turnkey solution to managing all your separate channels: a single, streamlined dashboard the brings all your ad campaigns – across every online platform – under one roof.  Ad360’s streamlined ad dashboard makes it simple to run multiple ads at once, helping refine your marketing strategy and increase sales on Shopify 😊 

The Problem with Disparate Ad Campaigns

Without a central ad dashboard, business owners waste energy simply keeping track of each promotion’s progress.  In fact, e-commerce business owners online report that they keep track of their various online ad campaigns through spreadsheets or notes – all manually. 

The time drain and effort wasted organizing and comparing each ad campaign is not only inefficient, but it could make that comparison inaccurate! 

Entering wrong data or forgetting the rationale for running each ad campaign can make your marketing analysis more difficult or even impossible. Manually entering data in notes or spreadsheet offline basically “disembodies” your data, removing it from the context of your various ad channels.  You’re forced to imagine how each ad campaign looks online instead of having them on an interface right in front of you.

It’s a scientific fact that humans only have so much brainpower for decision-making each day.  If you are draining all that energy simply trying to keep each ad campaign in order, you won’t have enough left over to effectively compare them! 

This “scatterbrain” effect disparate ad campaigns cause could lead to poor mental conceptualizations of your ad campaign’s progress.  Instead of being able to simply sit back and think, “How should I allocate my advertising funds from here?” you are bending over backward trying to keep each ad campaign in order.  Think of all the questions that would rush into your mind when comparing the success of different ad campaigns:

  • Was that ad campaign for brand awareness or boosting conversions?
  • Why did I run that ad campaign on Facebook instead of Google again?
  • What was different about these two ad campaigns?  Was it the visual I used, or was it different text descriptions? 
  • Why did I pay-per-click for this ad but paid per 1,000 views on this one? 

A Streamlined Ad Dashboard – The Key to Digital Marketing Success?

Ad360’s streamlined ad dashboard centralizes all your ad channels to one cozy, intuitive interface.  Think of it like consolidating your debt for a lower interest rate – a single central ad dashboard empowers business owners to take their digital marketing to the next level!

Advertising on multiple platform of your choice, and across the entire web – will feel easy.  By broadening your reach and focusing your promotional efforts, a single central ad dashboard gives you the best chance to increase your sales on Shopify.

Instead of having to open multiple tabs to check in on each ad campaign’s progress, manually record them in a spreadsheet, and compare the numbers by hand, Ad360’s central ad dashboard automatically records key marketing metrics for you.  In doing so, business owners can take a “bird’s eye view” of their overall digital marketing efforts, honing in on key areas to improve their brand message.

Experience Ad360’s Central Ad Dashboard for Yourself

Ad360 offers a free demo to e-commerce business owners trying to improve their digital marketing strategy.  Reach out today for a chance to streamline all your ad channels under one roof, along with the ability to create new ad campaigns with a single click.  If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed keeping track of your online promotions, give us a call today!