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3 Easy Ways to Enhance Your Shopify Ad Banners

State the Product’s Appeal in Simple Terms

When it comes to advertising your Shopify store online, remember most users are scrolling or browsing through hundreds of results!  Save your long-form descriptions for your website.  On the ad banner displays, distill the product’s benefit or appeal to users into 5 words of less.  This is a key advertising strategy for Shopify.

As an example, if you sell organic beauty products, you may write, “NON-TOXIC, 100% NATURAL INGREDIENTS,” on the banner.  Then, if the user is interested, you can give them a quality description of what you mean when they click the adShort and sweet is the name of the game when it comes to Shopify product advertising.  It will also benefit mobile versions of your ads to keep the product appeal concise.

Straightforward Tagline for Shopify Product Advertising

On your “Call to Action” button, combine your concise product appeal with a tagline that is unique to your store – but also straightforward. 

It could be stating a limited-time offer, such as, “Get 50% off Now,” or “Get your Special Deal.” 

It could also speak directly to the desire of the user.  Using the beauty products example above, the CTA button could use any of the examples below:

  1.  “Enhance your Beauty”
  2. “Make your Skin Amazing”
  3. “Keep Yourself Beautiful”
  4. “Celebrate Natural Beauty”

Each one of these taglines touch on the desire of a potential customer wanting to look a little prettier in the mirror while using natural ingredients 😉  It gets right to the core purpose of cosmetic products – celebrating their beauty in the best light!

Run 2 Ad Campaigns Testing Different Ad Banners

With a little guidance, running different color combinations, taglines, and product descriptions can become a fun exercise, honing your advertising strategies for Shopify.

Check the 3 variations that Forbes magazine created while analyzing Delta’s online ads:


Notice the different product appeals!  One emphasizes extra legroom, the other the number of destinations, while the third highlights luxury options for first-class.  As you discover the different segments and niches of your own audience, consider what benefits they are looking for from your product.  Then, distill it down into a few simple words, and let those ads roll! 

A/B testing is one of the most crucial advertising strategies for Shopify, so embrace creating several ad versions that highlight different product benefits.  Additionally, you can see which images and color schemes are the best choice for your brand.  Just remember, don’t change too many elements at once!  Otherwise, you won’t be able to tell what change accounted for the improved audience response.

Ad360 Can Automatically Generate Ad Banners for Shopify

If you want a Shopify advertising tool that auto-generates multiple ad banners for you to choose from, try a free demo from Ad360 today!  We’ll make sure your advertising strategies for Shopify are polished to catch the user’s eye.  A good ad banner is a difference-maker when it comes to increasing sales on Shopify, so reach out today!

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Digital Ads: Powerful Internet Billboards

The Role of Visual Ads in E-Commerce Advertising

Digital marketing is arguably defined by the ability to use multimedia (text, photos, videos) in combination to promote your product.  When they say “a picture is worth a thousand words,” here are some stats to back that up:

  • Visual content is processed by the brain 60,000 times faster than text
  • Visual stimuli makes up 90% of all info transmitted daily

If you want to make an impact on your customer, improving your visual ads could be the key to increasing sales on Shopify!  This post reviews the importance of visual ads in ecommerce, as well as how to deploy ad visuals while trying to increase sales on Shopify.

Importance of Digital Ad Design

In the past 10 years, users online have gotten used to bombardments of visual ads across the web, as well as mobile apps.  It’s commonplace to be reading a news article, then suddenly see a visual ad banner for footwear or something completely unrelated to the article itself. 

That’s the first key reason digital ad design is crucial to increasing sales on Shopify – you want your visual ad to be so eye-catching it literally draws the user away from what they were doing and toward your site!  If the visual looks cheesy or unprofessional, users may be wary that the product offered is a scam or low-quality.  Your digital ad design quality needs to match your product quality to boost your Shopify sales.

Digital Ad Design Aesthetics – The Key to Increasing Sales on Shopify

If you notice, major brands like Nike or Apple have perfected the art of making sleek, beautiful, simple ads that showcase their products with vibrant colors and dynamic patterns.  Some of the best ad visuals are basically a beautiful digital canvas with the flagship product in the middle, and a simple slogan like, “Get Ready,” or something that simple. 

How to Create a Facebook Ad Using Stunning Visuals
Note the beautiful hue in the background and the simplicity of the design – the product centered with the logo in the top-left corner.

High-resolution photos, edited to enrich the color scheme, may immediately draw the user’s eye.  Additionally, putting your brand logo in the middle of a beautiful colored background may enhance their perception of your product line.  To increase sales on Shopify, you need to demonstrate that your digital ads compete with the sleek professional designs found across the web.

Keys to Digital Ad Design Success

To successfully increase your Shopify sales, Ad360 has provided a few key pointers to follow when deciding on your final ad design:

1. Use high-resolution photos of stock photos, models, or your product centered on the ad visual

2. Pick colors that complement each other

3. Use big colorful fonts for a short, eye-catching message (e.g. ’50$ OFF!’)

4. Put your product or brand logo behind beautiful yet simple colored backgrounds with bright or neutral hues

5. DO NOT CROWD THE VISUAL OR OVERCOMPLICATE.  ONE PRODUCT, ONE IMAGE!  Only use multiple images if you have a specific design model in mind

6. Gifs and videos work too, but make sure the thumbnail is as aesthetically pleasing as a still visual

Ad360 Can Automatically Generate Eye-Catching Visuals for Your Business

A recent survey found that a majority of e-commerce business owners would prefer automatically-generated ad visuals and designs: it would save them precious time to focus on day-to-day operations.  Thus, it could be argued that automating your ad visuals is a keystone to increasing sales on Shopify.

If you want to try automating your ad visuals, try a free demo by Ad360 today!  On top of a centralized dashboard for all ad campaigns, as well as making ad campaign creation as simple as one click, Ad360 automatically extracts data from your Shopify store to create ad visuals.  From there, you will have multiple options of which one to release across the web, drawing in more visitors and increasing your sales on Shopify 😊