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“Online Ticket Sales Have Doubled!”

Success Story: how we helped this company double their online sales.


In the airline industry, each Origin & Destination pair, or route, is a specific Business Unit with its specific market, target audience, behavioral patterns and competitive landscape. It thus makes sense to manage them independently through different campaigns, and optimize them against each other to increase the overall performance.


Increase online plane tickets direct sales through the airline website.


  • Set up granular campaigns that reflect the complexity of the client operations with 17,000+ O&Ds in a cost-effective way.
  • Optimize all campaigns in real-time in a very competitive environment to drive more ticket sales.
  • Monitor all campaigns, detect anomalies and provide actionable insights & reports on their performance.


Ad360 implemented its automation, optimization & visualization products to solve the challenges of the client.


Online sales tickets were multiplied by 2.

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