Success Stories

Ad360: Top vCPM in Branding

Making Sense of Smart Advertising with Ad360

When it comes to online advertising, there’s a lot of technical talk that can seem overwhelming. But it’s really about one thing: making sure the right people see your ads at the right time and place, without overspending. Here’s how Ad360 does it differently, and better, with a focus on precision targeting.

Aiming for Quality Views

In a digital advertising campaign, you want your ads to be visible to users. That means they should appear where users can easily see them when they’re browsing the internet. This is what we call “viewable impressions.” The higher the number of viewable impressions, the more potential customers are seeing your ad.

The Challenge: Safe and Selective Placement

Placing ads isn’t just about being seen; it’s also about being seen in the right context. “Brand safety” is the term used to describe the effort to ensure that ads only appear on websites that align with the brand’s values and image. It’s a bit like screening the neighborhoods before you open a new store; you want it to be a good fit.

Outperforming the Competition

Ad360 used what’s known as a “performance-style optimization approach.” This means that even though the campaign’s main goal was branding, we used techniques commonly applied in performance marketing to enhance the results. We set stricter viewability filters than competing platforms but managed to keep costs down. This resulted in a more efficient spend, where the client paid less but got more high-quality ad views.

Here’s how much better we did:

  • 45% lower cost per viewable thousand impressions (vCPM) than Xandr
  • 66% lower vCPM than DV360

Adhering to High Standards

Even with aggressive targeting and cost-saving strategies, we maintained strict standards for:

  • Click-Through Rate (CTR): We ensured that the proportion of viewers who clicked on the ads remained high.
  • Brand Safety: We carefully selected the online environments where the ads would appear to maintain the brand’s reputation.
  • Whitelisting: We only placed ads on pre-approved sites known to be effective and safe for the brand’s image.

The Bottom Line: Precision Equals Performance

In programmatic advertising, which involves using automated technology to buy and sell ad space, precision is key. It’s not enough to just throw your ad into the digital world and hope for the best. Ad360’s approach shows that by being smart about where and how your ads are placed, and by paying close attention to viewability and brand safety, you can get more value out of every dollar spent.

This case study serves as an example of how Ad360 helps brands achieve their advertising goals more efficiently than competitors. By focusing on quality and strategic placement, Ad360 delivers branding campaigns that are not just visible, but also safe and cost-effective.